semi-automatic edge-banding machine / for pre-glued bands / with glue applicator
BC91 Evo



  • Operational mode:


  • Applications:

    for pre-glued bands

  • Other characteristics:

    with glue applicator


BC91 evo is one of our semi-automatic edgebanding machines for shaped or straightened pieces (concave and convex). Equipped with a 3kg glue tank, with this edgebanding machine you will be able to create high-performance furniture products.

The BC91 evo edgebanding machine will allow you to apply the edges with high precision, going to create customizable products and high aesthetic profile to meet every need of your customers.

Thanks to the versatility of our BC91 evo edgebanding machine, you will perform efficient, simple and precise work every day. Its small size will allow you to optimize your work space, ensuring a safer environment.