synthetic fiber filter mat / coarse pre-filtration
G2 - G4



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    synthetic fiber, coarse pre-filtration



For pre filtration in aerial engineering devices of all kinds

Pre filtration in air-conditioning systems
Pre filtration for painting and drying plants
Heat ventilation and air conditioning devices

Classification acc. to EN 779

Filter class G2
Filter class G3
Filter class G4


Standard mats 2 x 20m and 2 x 40m (depending on type)
Precuts for finished dimensions
max. 10 m length
max. 2.10 m width
Also available as filter tube or filter bag
Precuts also available with changing frame
Stamp pieces in various dimensions available

Material characteristics

Tested according to EN 779:2012
Shatter-proof synthetic fibres
Fire prevention requirements according to DIN 53438-3 (F1)
Humidity resistant up to 100% r. h.
Temperature resistant up to max. 80°C
Contains no silicone or other lacquer harming substances

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