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solid carbide milling cutter / thread / for hardened steel / cutting edge



  • Construction:

    solid carbide

  • Type:


  • Treated material:

    for hardened steel

  • Other characteristics:

    cutting edge, with cylindrical shank


Developed by Walter Prototyp, TMO HRC is a solid carbide orbital thread mill that is particularly designed for demanding machining applications. The tool boasts a stable body construction mated with big core diameter to achieve vibration resistant deployments. Furthermore, its small cutting edge makes it possible for the cutting forces to be substantially minimized. Adding to this, this design is perfectly suited for threads that have a dimension of 2 x d.

The TMO HRC thread mill ships with an extensive list of advantages starting with its top notch process reliability when producing small threads above M2 in hardened materials up to 65 HRC or high strength. The heat resistant TiAlN layer combined with an exclusive negative cutting edge configuration guarantee an extended tool edge life. With the on board "TEC+CCS" and "GPS" expert system providing an exclusive milling strategy, it is customized especially to the individual application, and the superior cutting data and ready to use CNC programme is made possible.