quick-drying paint / fluorescent / liquid / ceramic
WP series

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quick-drying paint quick-drying paint - WP series


  • Type:

    quick-drying, fluorescent

  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for marking

  • Other characteristics:

    black, red


Paints, inks, cleaning agents

Standard marking paint type WPF 1922

Characteristics: alcohol-based, eco-friendly product
Quickdrying, clear marking points, weatherproof
Application: marking dry surfaces e.g. sheet metal, pipes
WPF 1922: different shades available on request
WFF 1922: white, red, fluorescent green
Corresponding thinner: WPV 0218

Standard marking ink type WPT 1800

Characteristics: eco-friendly alcohol-acetone-based product
Quick drying, clear marking points, for light-colored surfaces
Application: for marking dry or slightly damp surfaces
Frequently used to mark defects
WPT 1800: RGB Black color range, further shades available on request
Corresponding thinner: WPV 0166

Special marking paint type WPF 0232

Characteristics: dichloromethane-based product. Quick drying, dries within one second
Application: for marking dry and oily surfaces
WPF 0232: various paint shades as needed
WFF 0232: fluorescent magenta, white, red, green
Corresponding thinner: WPV 0222

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