rotary drum dryer / rotary / continuous / for bulk materials
DLT series



  • Technology:

    rotary drum, rotary

  • Batch/continuous:


  • Applications:

    for bulk materials, for plastics

  • Associated function:

    dehumidifying, screening

  • Other characteristics:

    high-performance, low-noise, with temperature control


Continuous dryingThe DLT range of drum dryers is best suited to drying large quantities of bulk material or flat mass-produced parts, as well as scooping parts. A rotating screen drum transports your workpieces continuously together with the drying medium (e.g. ground walnut shells or hardwood cubes). The throughput times here can be adjusted from two to four minutes.The drying medium in processingTo absorb the moisture, the drying medium is heated by means of an electric heater. The temperature is fully adjustable. After the drying process, the drying medium is separated from your workpieces in the screen drum and automatically fed back into the heating zone. The DLT dryer has a screen basket extension for full granulate emptying of cup-shaped parts.Dust-free workpieces The DLT dryer features an integrated dust extractor and air shower for removing dust particles and transported drying granulate. This gives you dry workpieces that are free of dust and ready for the subsequent processing steps.