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IGEMS, Lantek, Mastercam



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    CNC cutting machine

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Specialized CAD/CAM software for water jet cutting

IGEMS is a highly specialized supplier of CAD/CAM software for the water jet market. They have a long tradition in CAD-, CAM and NEST software solutions, and made 2006 the strategic decision to focus exclusively on the water jet market. The software development is made in close liaison with market leading water jet machine builders, like Water Jet Sweden.

IGEMS CAD/CAM is a powerful tool for 2D and 5 axis Beveljet cutting. It quickly generates efficient CNC files that will optimize the cutting process and give a high quality finish. IGEMS is a module based CAD/CAM/NEST system and offers a wide selection of add on modules.

Lantek is a world leader in CAD/CAM software development for CNC machine tools. The same software can be used for different cutting technologies and can also be integrated with the company MPS system.

Lantek Expert Cut Waterjet Technology is a CAD/CAM system specially designed to automate the programming of sheet metal cutting machines. A dynamic database is part of the program platform. Like IGEMS, Lantek offers an easy to use 5-axis Beveljet functionality within the 2D interface.

Mastercam has been a leader in the advanced CAD/CAM business for over twenty five years, and is especially suitable for three dimensional cutting.

The program package we offer consists of the Mastercam Mill CAD/CAM software combined with special plug-ins by WJS. It is a full 3D environment with all the advanced features given by the WJS-Mastercam CAD/CAM software.