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safety system safety system


Standard safety functions and different physical safety options

A water jet cutting system is a precise and high tech cutting tool, but if not correctly handled the powerful jet beam can be dangerous for both operator and machine. To be able to safety operate the machine we offer a number of safety features and all Water Jet Sweden machines follow European Union Machine Directives and are CE-certified.

- Safety barriers – for human protection, splash protection and noise reduction
- Dual Check Safety – A software safety function by Fanuc for personal safety, and a part of the CE-certificate.
- Service Mode Lockout – a key switch that instantly sets machine into a safe service mode, with an instant re- start when it is switched on again.
- Zone Protection – Water Jet Sweden offer three different solutions for zone protection depending on floor space and operational requirements: Machine Guards, Safety Wires, Safety Light Grids. The choice or combination of these is decided when making the machine layout.
- Multiple High Pressure Pump Safety – instant release of pressure without pressure pockets, and safe disconnection of single pumps.
- Machine Network System Safety – Special safety features for several machines sharing the same pump capacity.