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hygienic floor covering / rubber
8009,820260 series



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Respecting the NF IN 1177 standards is vital for the protection and safety of children having fun on the playgrounds or play areas involving height. One of this Standard’s elements relates to floors. Floors must be adequate, official testing must support this, to cushion the fall a child from the highest point of the structure.

EDPM finishing granules are available in Green, Red Brick, Sand and Grey colours. They can be used as a full-colour or with the addition of another colour at a rate of 15%(Sand colour with 15% of Red Brick or Green with 15% of Sand etc.).
The most cost effective solution is to cast only a layer composed of 80% of Black EDPM granules and 20% EDPM coloured granules with 15% of PU binder (see example of a dual tone mono-layer on the next page).