nut screwing unit / handheld / automatic feed / pneumatic
HSM31, HSK31



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  • Other characteristics:

    automatic feed, pneumatic


Handheld screwdrivers for nuts and top-heavy screws

In automated screwdriving processes, nuts or top-heavy screws need to be processed as well. The handheld screwdriver HSM can automatically handle nuts, while the handheld screwdriver HSK is designed for driving top-heavy screws. Both handheld screwdrivers are equipped with pneumatic drive and automatic feed system. The fasteners are supplied through profiled feed tubes.
Profiled feed tubes for special materials

For process-reliable feeding of nuts and top-heavy screws, WEBER offers suitable profiled feed tubes. The inner shape of the profiled feed tubes corresponds to the outer shape of the fasteners supplied. This ensures smooth feeding of nuts and screws, easy on the material and without tilting.