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The Mathena™ gas vent line igniter provides safe, continuous dispersal of vented gas from drilling operations.


The Mathena™ gas vent line igniters feature a convenient 110-volt control switch which activates a pair of transformers and spark plugs for safe remote ignition. Hardwiring and protective shields ensure durability, while a warning strobe light on the control box enhances operator safety. We offer several configurations to safely meet any gas ignition needs.

This gas vent line igniter accommodates lines of 4 inches to 12 inches, and varying heights and angles. A convenient power switch on the rig floor, a warning strobe light on the igniter control box, hardwiring and protective shields result in safe, dependable performance to safely vent and ignite gas.
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All Mathena™ products are available for rental to help operators reduce equipment carrying costs.