laser welding machine / plasma / seam / TIG



  • Technique:

    laser, plasma, seam, TIG

  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    precision, longitudinal, dual-head


Dual Torches we chosen to double the weld speeds and produce a higher “Parts Per Hour” production rate to reduce manufacturing costs. High weld quality and production rates were both required for the post weld forming stresses that a full penetration plasma weld could provide and to meet the commercial price point.A Weldlogic standard PLS-48 Precision Longitudinal Seam welder was chosen as the base system and a Weldlogic “Advanced Seam Welder Control” was selected to manage the special designed automation and part handling. Production rates of over 75 parts per hour were achieved with only one operator to manage materials, rolling the vessels and feeding and unloading the automatic seam welder.