concentricity gauge / for shafts
A-10 A-10G ø 3 - 102 | A Series



  • Measured value:


  • Applications:

    for shafts


Main Usage:

1. Precision measurement for the circularity, concentricity, circular runout of shaft workpiece

2. Presion measurement quickly for outer circle and inner circle of shaft workpiece simultaneously.

3. Presion measurement for multi-points in one shaft workpiece simultaneously.

4. Quick measuring for flush surface, inner circle and outer circle at the same time


1. Standard accuracy 0.005mm, and high accuracy 0.003mm

2. Quick measuring, no need for re-tooling

3. Convenient operation, wide range of application.

4. Easy to move, simple to maintain.

5. Demand for operating environment is common

6. Custom made is available according to particularity of workpieces.