storage cabinet / free-standing / with sliding panels / for tools
WW-TSS-PTC-2000-5 Kit



  • Type:


  • Mounting:


  • Construction:

    with sliding panels

  • Product applications:

    for tools

  • Width:

    2,360 mm

  • Height:

    2,290 mm

  • Depth:

    2,085 mm


Advantages of Weitner Tool Storage Furniture System

• Keeps large number of tools in order
• Enables quick access by a clear storage
• Missing parts are easily noticeable
• Efficient use of the limited space with a unique elegance
• Can be attached to the wall or installed as a free standing unit
• Numbers of tools are kept only with a few holders
• Modular System
• It is easy to convert wall tool boards into other Weitner furniture shapes when needed.
• A tidy tool area gives visitors positive

ww-TSS-PTC-2000-5-KIT / Tool Storage Cabinet with 5 Sliding Boards
Tool cabinet based into steel frame, consists of two wing boards which can be pulled out to front side. Each wing board have 4 panels and have 8m² space where can be hanged nearly 400 pieces tool and special kits.
Both wing board work parallel to each other and the distance between the two wings is 45cm. This distance is optimum for hanging up several tools and special kits.
Tool cabinets can be extended by attaching each other alongside or face to face according to needs. Facing sides of cabinets can be connected and formed as a bridge from upside with an 80cm distance. The facades of cabinets are not covered with metal sheet. Upon your request, external facades of cabinets can be covered with metal sheet and a locking system can be applied.