triangle tool holder panel

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triangle tool holder panel triangle tool holder panel - WW-TSS-TT-2000 KIT


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Advantages of Weitner Tool Storage Furniture System

• Keeps large number of tools in order
• Enables quick access by a clear storage
• Missing parts are easily noticeable
• Efficient use of the limited space with a unique elegance
• Can be attached to the wall or installed as a free standing unit
• Numbers of tools are kept only with a few holders
• Modular System
• It is easy to convert wall tool boards into other Weitner furniture shapes when needed.
• A tidy tool area gives visitors positive

ww-TSS-TT-2000 KIT / Tool Storage Triangle Tower
Triangular tower kit model has the minimum space requirements in Weitner panel systems.
This model consists of 6 complete panels and has a 6m² spaces for tools. Every corner of triangle tower wide is 1m and it only occupies 0,5m² space on the floor.
The carrier frames can be converted into another type of furniture when needed.
All parts of Weitner panel systems can be used again and again while exchanging furniture. None of the parts are damaged.