storage cabinet / free-standing / single-door / metal



  • Type:


  • Mounting:


  • Construction:


  • Material:


  • Product applications:

    for tools

  • Width:

    1,060 mm

  • Height:

    2,060 mm

  • Depth:

    1,000 mm


Advantages of Weitner Tool Storage Furniture System

• Keeps large number of tools in order
• Enables quick access by a clear storage
• Missing parts are easily noticeable
• Efficient use of the limited space with a unique elegance
• Can be attached to the wall or installed as a free standing unit
• Numbers of tools are kept only with a few holders
• Modular System
• It is easy to convert wall tool boards into other Weitner furniture shapes when needed.
• A tidy tool area gives visitors positive

ww-TSS-ST-2000 KIT / Tool Storage Square Tower Kit
The square tower kit can be used in both opened and locked position. Each position provides wide usage and available space. Consisting of 8 whole boards, square tower kit generates at least 2 m³ interior volumes and it only occupies 1,2m² space on the floor. By the time supplying a space for 400 pieces tool, optionally it also has 4 height adjustable racks in lockable compartment.The tower body can be fixed both ground and ceiling against the risk of overturn. With advantage of adjustable legs it can be adapted to the rough grounds.
Quadrangular tower system components can also be used exactly in other types of furniture.