bulk material shot blasting machine / continuous / automatic / sheet metal
CT series



  • Applications:

    for bulk materials

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, automatic, sheet metal


The CT model is a continuous shot blasting machine that is specially designed to remove sand and cores from casting; descale casting and forgings; handle mixed and single product runs and clean clusters. It is characterized by its optimum cleaning ability and its short blasting time.

- High cleaning capacity, short blasting times
- Careful arrangement of blast wheels on the machine results in optimum utilisation of the abrasive energy
- Full exposure of all workpiece surfaces to the blast stream
- Entirely automatic, continuous production flow

- Blast cleaning performance is maintained at a consistently high level, regardless of fluctuations in production rates
- Easy maintenance set up
- Integration into existing production lines
- Leading technology, outstanding experience
- Adaptable inlet, outlet and blastroom set up to meet different workpiece configurations
- Adaptable to treat tumble-proof fragile castings

- Removing sand and cores from castings
- Descaling castings and forgings
- Handling mixed and single product runs