water cleaning machine / ultrasonic / automatic / front-loading
Clean-Tek series



  • Technology:

    water, ultrasonic

  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    front-loading, continuous, rotary drum, with conveyor, degreasing, multiple-stage, spray, immersion


Clean-Tek products are based on aqueous cleaning techniques for their washing and degreasing capabilities, so you have no safety and disposal concerns resulting from their use.

In every application, cleaning and efficiency at least matches and usually exceeds solvent-based products.

The Clean-Tek product range features standard machines through to customised cleaning solutions. These can be combinations of machine types, handling, loading and specialised systems.

Not covered in these pages, but also available:
- Multi-axis robotic and computer controlled cleaning systems
- NDT equipment
- Dye penetrate and paint cleaning systems
- Effluent treatment systems
- Complete process lines