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CNC turning center / vertical / 2-axis / cutting
LV450R/L , LV450RM/LM



  • Control type:


  • Spindle orientation:


  • Number of axes:


  • Other characteristics:

    cutting, high-precision, high-performance, high-performance, rigid

  • Applications:

    for heavy-duty machining

  • Diameter:

    Min.: 0 µm

    Max.: 465,000 µm

  • Spindle speed:

    3,000 rpm (18,849.556 rad.min-1)



Stable structure of the main spindle of powerful heavy cutting type (Loading & clamping structure taking advantage of the Spindle weight)
High/Low chucking to minimize material deformation is a standard feature
Designed for easy addition of automation and other peripheral accessories
This phrase doesn’t make any sense even in Korean. It needs to be deleted.
Minimal footprint for use of less shop floor space and ease of transportation
Available in “Right” and “Left” hand configurations to minimize pitch between spindle centerlines for ease of operation and the addition of automation

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