vertical injection molding machine / hydraulic / for elastomers / fast-cycling
VPower 120-160t



  • Closure:


  • Operation:


  • Treated material:

    for elastomers

  • Other characteristics:

    fast-cycling, multi-component, rotating table, bi-material, modular, tie-bar-less, with sliding table, for rapid production cycles, for parts with insert, for small parts

  • Clamping force:

    Min.: 1,177 kN

    Max.: 1,570 kN


The VPower R stands for highest precision, flexibility, efficiency and mold protection. It is not only designed for flexible adjustment to any given manufacturing task, but also allows for changes between different manufacturing processes involving only short changeover times. Furthermore the powerful control unit UNILOG B8 offers numerous possibilities for process monitoring and documentation. Optional, as an alternative to the standard drive, a direct drive by means of a servo motor is offered, which allows for simultaneous plasticizing.

This machine series has a smaller footprint than its predecessors and is easy to operate due to its low and ergonomic working height. Particularly noteworthy is the UNIFORCE compensation platen system, which ensures a previously unattainable even and wear reducing transmission of force between the horizontal beams and the mold clamping area.

Easy access to the media supply connections below the rotary table
A rotary table system without a central tie-bar allows for unhindered production.
Shortest rotation times and highest precision of positioning of the rotary tables
Easy conversion of the injection unit between horizontal and vertical Position
UNIFORCE compensation platen system for optimal force distribution