horizontal injection molding machine / hydraulic / tie-bar-less / modular



  • Closure:


  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    fast-cycling, modular, tie-bar-less

  • Clamping force:

    Max.: 19,613.3 kN

    Min.: 3,922.66 kN


MacroPower 400 – 2000 t
The MacroPower is the large machine model of the PowerSeries: compact, modular, precise. Developed in the 400 to 2,000 t clamping force range, it stands for shortest footprint, speed and modularity. To optimize energy efficiency, the MacroPower can be powered by an optional drive-on-demand servo motor. This is true greatness with most compact dimensions!

The MacroPower stands for shortest footprint, speed, modularity, ultimate precision and cleanliness. The modular design of this new large machine model makes it suitable for a great variety of applications. The linear guide system of the moving platen ensures fast energy saving movements, a clean mold space and maximum precision in mold protection. The MacroPower reaches its high speed by means of fast movements and minimal locking and high-pressure build-up times, achieved by the innovative locking system QUICKLOCK developed by WITTMANN BATTENFELD.

Another special highlight of this new machine generation is the ease with which molds are inserted from the rear of the machine. An extended safety gate stroke at the rear, combined with tie-bars kept at below-average length, thanks to the locking system that has been integrated in the moving platen, allows insertion of bulky molds in most cases without a tie-bar pulling device.

Smallest footprint.
Shortest locking and pressure build-up time through QUICKLOCK system.
Easy, lateral mold insertion through virtually tie-bar-less access during mold change.
Quick even clamping force build-up.