HSK tool holder / BT / SK / DIN
MVS series

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HSK tool holder / BT / SK / DIN HSK tool holder / BT / SK / DIN - MVS series


  • Machine mount:

    HSK, BT, SK, DIN

  • Clamping method:

    Morse taper shank

  • Application:

    boring, boring bar

  • Other characteristics:

    straight shank, modular, static, straight, standard

  • Clamping range:

    Min.: 0 mm (0 in)

    Max.: 0.2 mm

    83 mm, 200 mm (3.27 in)


For every job Wohlhaupter has just the right connecting component. Master shank connections between the machine tool and the MultiBore modular components are supplied for all machines. The MultiBore boring tools fit straight into the master shanks or can be fitted with intermediate modules to make up a complete tool suitable for the component being machined. Wohlhaupter master shanks equipped with the following MVS connecting components are available to meet the different machine requirements:

MVS 50-28 preferably for SK 40/HSK-A50 machines up to a boring diameter range of 83 mm
MVS 63-36 for machines bigger than SK 40/HSK-A50
MVS 80-36 up to 205 mm boring range
MVS 100-56 preferably from 200 mm boring range upwards

Connection D40 / D60: For short overhangs and high torque transfers above 200 mm boring range. Each master shank with the MVS connection is supplied with the corresponding threaded taper pins. Shanks for a D 60 flange connection similar to DIN 6357 are supplied with T-bolts fitted and no M 16 pull studs.

HSK master shanks for the Wohlhaupter MultiBore range offer you many benefits which include:

High level of accuracy when repeating or making a replacement
Quick replacement times
High static and dynamic rigidity
Safe machining at high speed
With standard balancing