zoom camera lens / varifocal / CCD camera / for security cameras



  • Type :

    zoom, varifocal

  • Other characteristics:

    CCD camera

  • Technical applications:

    for security cameras

  • Focal length:

    Min.: 5 mm

    Max.: 50 mm


CAS-1101, a CS-mount vari-focal lens, is a great accessory for any system installer using box-type cameras. Its 10x optical zoom makes the longdistanced surveillance particularly superior, offering detailed image in wide-coverage deployment. CAS-1101 has an F-1.4 auto-iris that adjusts automatically to bring flexible light control to boxtype cameras, rendering the highest-quality images available. This is useful for deployments using the same cameras installed in several different lighting environments like garages, warehouse loading docks, street monitor, and etc. In addition, IR correction feature avoids shifts of focus points in both visible and infrared ranges, ensuring clear vision in day and night surveillance.