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medium excavator / crawler / Tier 2 / construction



  • Size:


  • Locomotion:


  • Engine type:

    Tier 2

  • Applications:


  • Operating weight:

    23,500 kg (51,808.6 lb)

  • Engine power:

    128.5 kW (174.71 hp)


XE235C excavators have the operational weight of 23.5 tons; their standard bucket capacity varies from 0.9 to 1.1 cubic meters, and is powered by Isuzu CC-6BG1TRP engines. They are 4-stroke engines with direct injection, water cooled, they have the turbo charger, an intercooler and they have 6 cylinders. The rated power of these engines is 128.5 kW at 2100 RPM, maximal torque is 637 Nm at 1800 RPM and they have the displacement of 6494 cubic centimeters.
The maximum travel speed of the machine is 5.5 km/h, the swing speed is 12.1 r/min, maximal grade ability is equal or less than 35, they press the ground with the force of 51.7 kPa, maximum digging force is 163 kN, they have maximal arm crowd force of 116 kN and maximum traction force of 194.8 kN.
The hydraulic system has 2 plunger pumps with the flow rate of 2x231 liters per minute. The maximum pressure of prime relief valve is 31.5/34.3 MPa, maximum pressure of swing system is 23 MPa, maximum pressure of travel system is 34.3 MPa and maximum pressure of pilot system is 3.9 MPa.
It has a fuel tank of 400 liters, engine lubrication capacity of 25 liters and hydraulic tank of 240 liters.