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tandem road roller / vibrating

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tandem road roller / vibrating tandem road roller / vibrating - XD123
  • Tandem road roller / vibrating


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  • Operating weight:

    12,300 kg (27,116.9 lb)

  • Engine power:

    111 kW (150.92 hp)


XD123 Vibratory Roller is designed for compaction of asphalt pavement and can be compacted with different materials and layers of different thickness. It is especially suitable for road compaction of road, parking lot, airport and other large projects. Subgrade and sub-base materials, for a wide range.
XD123 vibratory roller machine uses the most advanced intelligent control system in the world. The control system is based on CAN-BUS communication technology. Under the compaction condition, the starting acceleration characteristic and the parking deceleration characteristic of the roller are optimized, and the acceleration / deceleration time will be better than normal Long, to avoid the passage of the material on the road, to improve the smoothness of the road and reduce the crack. XD123 vibratory roller also has intelligent cooling system, automatic throttle and many other energy-saving emission reduction function.

operation weight:12300kg
Front wheel distribution quality:6200kg
Rear wheel distribution quality:6100kg
Speed range:I GEAR 0-6 / IIgear0-8 / IIIgear0-12km/h
Theoretical climbing ability:35%
Minimum turning radius (inside / outside):4470/6600mm
The maximum amount of crab:±160mm
swing angle:±8°
Steering angle:±35°
Static linear load:297/297N/cm
Nominal amplitude:0.30/0.80mm
Vibration frequency:50/67Hz
Exciting force (high frequency):103/159kN
Model:DEUTZ BF4M1013-15T3R2
Rated power:111kW
Rated speed:2100r/min
system voltage:24V
steering system:17.5MPa
Oil filling pressure:2.4MPa
driving system:42MPa
Vibration system:33MPa
Wheel pressure:40L
Hydraulic tank:80L
Engine oil:16L
Fuel tank:240L
water tank:1000L