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pneumatic tired road roller

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pneumatic tired road roller pneumatic tired road roller - XP303
  • Pneumatic tired road roller


  • Type:

    pneumatic tired

  • Operating weight:

    Max.: 30,300 kg (66,800.1 lb)

    Min.: 15,000 kg (33,069.3 lb)

  • Engine power:

    132 kW (179.47 hp)


1, power plant
XP303 using on the fire SC7H180.2G3 diesel engine, with high reliability and fuel economy, low noise, low emissions meet the country Ⅲ stage standards.
2, the transmission system
The use of a stepless automatic variable speed torque converter and power shift gearbox, so that the roller with automatic adaptability, when the external load suddenly increases, the roller automatically deceleration to increase traction; when the external load is reduced, but also Automatically reduce the traction to adapt to changes in external load, improve the compact drive stability, to ensure that diesel engines often work under rated conditions.
3, air control system
The air control system consists of air bag, regulating valve, gas brake valve, brake cylinder, brake cylinder, brake, diaphragm spring brake, hand brake device, pipe, various joints, valves and other components , Can achieve emergency braking and parking brake. Two sets of braking systems can be interlocked.
4, the fuselage
The fuselage is made of box-type integral frame, the front and middle sides of the frame and the lower part of the frame are counterweight water tank and can be used as sprinkler water. The fuselage parts are designed with maintenance holes and clamshell cover to facilitate the maintenance and maintenance of various parts.

Minimum working weight:15000kg
Maximum working weight:30300kg
Plus heavy water quality: 650kg
Plus quality:14550kg
Compression width:2360mm
Tire overlap:65mm
Ground pressure:200 ~ 545kPa
Minimum turning radius:7620mm
Minimum ground clearance:300mm
Theoretical climbing ability:20%
Rated power:132kW
Rated speed:1800r / min