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mobile crane / for construction / all-terrain / height-adjustable



  • Configuration:


  • Operating environment:

    for construction, all-terrain

  • Other characteristics:


  • Lift capacity:

    83,600 kg (184,306 lb)

  • Working height:

    530 m (1738'10")


1,XCA1200 All Terrain Crane is designed mainly for erection and maintenance of 2.0-2.5MW wind turbines. It is also suitable for operation in typical working conditions such as lifting operation for bridges, high-rise buildings, and petrochemical construction.

2,The pioneering dedicated wind power jib head is adopted. Boom and jib can be carried during heavy load jobsite transfer between wind turbines and no assistant vehicle is needed for the transformation between operation configuration and jobsite transfer configuration.

3,Independent heavy-duty suspension system with single cross arm is applied, and the min. ground clearance can reach 530mm, which can meet the requirements of jobsite transfer in mountainous areas.

4,With modular design, flexible conversion between wind power version and standard version is possible, which makes the crane suitable for wider applications.

5,The pioneering 6-axle mechanical drive is equipped with G1 large speed ratio hydraulic drive, forming superb 7 axles driven by double-power involved in driving.