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multi-function drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic



  • Drilling type:


  • Mobility:


  • Drilling unit:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Drilling diameter:

    2,000 mm

  • Drilling depth:

    52 m (170'07")


XR220DⅡ Rotary drilling rig

1、With the special hydraulic telescopic crawler chassis (TDP series) of rotary drill rig and large diameter slewing bearing, it meets strong stability and easy transportation.

2、With the electronically controlled and turbocharged engine of Cummins, which is powerful and emissions meet Euro Ⅲ standards.

3、The hydraulic system adopts the limit of power control and positive flow control, that makes the hydraulic system more energy and efficient.

4、With the single rope main winch, it efficiently solves the problem of wire rope wear, and improves the service life of wire rope; a detection device of drilling depth on the main winch, and single rope makes deep inspection more accuracy.

5、The design of whole machine meets the requirements of the CE directive, that guarantees safety, and construction safer.

6、Crowd winch、casing driver is Standard equipped,and multi-function such as and hydraulic casing oscillator is optional selected.

7、Configure centralized lubrication system, which makes maintenance more convenient.

8、Selection of a variety of specifications for kelly-bar, meeting the efficient construction of different strata.