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wheeled loader / swing / for construction / for quarries

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wheeled loader / swing / for construction / for quarries wheeled loader / swing / for construction / for quarries - LW300FN


  • Locomotion:


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for construction, for quarries

  • Operating weight:

    Min.: 10,400 kg (22,928.1 lb)

    Max.: 10,800 kg (23,809.9 lb)

  • Engine power:

    92 kW (125.1 hp)


LW300FN XCMG loader 3 ton front end wheel loader.

Main parameters
Rated load :3 tons
Bucket capacity :1.5~2.5m3
Dumping height: 2770~3260mm
Operating weight: 10 tons

Main configuration
* DEUTZ engine WP6G125E22(92kw)
* Dry drive axle

XCMG LW300FN is the most popular model of China 3t wheel loader, the updaged edition of ZL30E (LW321F),With the features of maturity and reliability of the old model, LW300FN is improved all round, and leads in the same kind of product.

Performance Highlights:

1,Outstanding capability:
With traction at ≥9t and breakout force at ≥13t. High adaptability, with turning radius at 5,165mm (tire center).

2,Market position:
Industry 3t single-model sales champion.

3,High maturity and reliability:
The 2600mm wheelbase features high mobility and flexibility and is applicable to all kinds of working sites. The bucket is made of high strength material to realize high wear and impact resistance.

4,Optimized bucket shape:
The lengthened bucket bottom and the sharp bucket shape ease the penetration and realize higher bucket loading capacity. The contracted flare angle and the reduced cross section ease penetration and lifting.

5,Diversified attachments:
1.Standard bucket.
2.Rock bucket: It's dedicated for handing of hard materials (such as rock), featuring good resistance against wear and impact.
3.Coal bucket: It's dedicated for handling of bulk materials (such as coal), featuring high bucket capacity and high efficiency.
4.Clamp: For grab and transport of various woods and tubing.
5.Bale grabber:It's used for the grabbing and handling of various light materials in farms, biological power plants, and paper mills..