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oil analyzer / metal / cement / elemental
S-Mobile PD/SDD



  • Measured entity:

    oil, metal, cement

  • Measured value:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, laboratory, for the mining industry, X-ray


Small compact analyzer that can easily be transported to the job site
Key Applications:
Alloys; Environmental; Oil, Fuels & Liquids; Mining & Geological; Forensics;
Authentication & Precious Metals; Pharmaceutical & Biomedical.

Bringing out the Power of Laboratory Spectrometer
A small compact analyzer that can easily be transported to the job site. When the task calls for fast, real time, high quality results, the S-Mobile spectrometers are the perfect answer for the job.
This powerful 50kV, 50 Watt portable X-ray analyzer is capable of rendering sensitive and precise analysis, similar to laboratory class analyzers.

Silicon Drift Detector(SDD):
Optional Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) features higher-count rate and resolution, for a better analysis (down to 125eV) and a faster response, to minimize operational down time.
SDD LE- Optional Ultra-thin detector window provides superior performance enables low Z elements (Light Element) analysis.