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  • Interface:

    Camera Link

  • Other characteristics:

    high-sensitivity, cooled, low-light, low-noise, InGaAs, measuring, for research and development, for spectroscopy


The Cougar-640 LN2 is manufactured by Xenics, and is a cooled InGas camera that is intended to have the lowest noise and highest sensitivity for low-light-level measurements. It has a shortwave infrared camera that employs a 640x512 InGas FPA.

The unit is optimized for 77K operation, using Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) cooling and is based on a SFD (Source Follower per Detector) read-out topology for ultra-low noise levels ever seen . It has a pixel pitch of 20 µm x 20 µm with clock frequency of 125 kHz in >98% operability.

The unit has a frame rate of 1.42 Hz, and camera control of CameraLink. It has a power rating of 12 V and consumes < 600 mA.

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