FFF 3D printer / industrial / large-format / color
MfgPro700 xTC



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    large-format, color, continuous


First Large-Format Full-Color FFF 3D PrinterMfgPro700 xTC is the first industrial-grade FFF printer equipped with full-color 3D inkjet technology to delivery full color FFF 3D printing with industrial print size of 700x500x500mm. MfgPro700 is also equipped with industrial CISS (continuous ink supply system) to ensure the consistence performance of ultra large full color 3D printing. And designed with better visualization and build-in camera monitoring system and on-screen printing control to manage part printing of long hours. MfgPro700 xTC is expected to be made available by mid of 2019 and following it, a new MfgPro700 xTC with mono-color printing of extra performance materials available with a build-in chamber will be also available by later 2019.