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electric forklift / ride-on / for warehouses / VNA



  • Motor type:


  • Operator:


  • Applications:

    for warehouses, VNA

  • Other characteristics:

    storage, multi-directional, pallet, medium-load

  • Carrying capacity:

    1,000 kg (2,204.6 lb)

  • Lifting height:

    7,740 mm


Yale MTC10-15 is an extraordinary machine for optimization storage and retrieval of pallets at high levels in highly narrow aisles. Yale MTC series is ideal for applications demanding higher utilization of cube in the warehouse.

MTC series narrow aisle trucks improve the storage density of the warehouse. At the same time 100% selectivity is retained and the trucks can transport high volumes in a fast (up to 12 km/h) and safe manner.

The MTC series of VNA machines result in no wastage of usable space, thanks to a lifting ability up to 17m. The operator can get high pallet visibility throughout the operation by elevation, and can also perform piece-picking when needed.