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high-speed pad printing machine / automatic

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high-speed pad printing machine / automatic high-speed pad printing machine / automatic - YLSCT-02C3


  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, high-speed

  • Printing speed:

    200 p/min


Automatic Pad Printer YLSCT-02C3
Automatic Pad-Printing and Coating Equipment, YLSCT-02C3 (Models: Pad-Printing machines, Coating machines), specializes in printing or coating the irregular-surface of components, is also very suitable for flat-surface and curved-surface elements, its process planning is smooth, operation is simple and easy.
For "core electrode" coating or printing, it especially can show excellent quality and output efficiency.

This equipments printing module utilizes High-speed Pad-Printing module, PPMM-70A, ink or silver-paste adhesion is excellent, coating or printing precision is high.
A installed Pre-Drying unit is to do initial drying process for printed components, then those could be transferred to curing equipment for curing.
"Feeding mechanism" utilizes high-frequency vibration plate, which is designed for the operation of core components; the feeding system is stable and reliable.
The design of Disc Transportation Mechanism makes the precise process of Separation, Inspection, Feeding-in, Coating, Confirmation, Feeding-out into high-performance integration, the coating speed could be 200pcs/minute.Equipped with “Inspection” unit, all the feeding-in and feeding-out of components are inspected by optical lens and compared with computer, it could effectively control production yield rate.
Configured "plastic head automatic cleaning module", regularly clean off plastic head’s residual ink, keeping excellent printing. The cleaning consumables is belong to commercial tape, its cost is low and is easy for change. The "plastic head automatic cleaning module" could set up cleaning frequency according to individual product requirement.