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electronic component pad printing machine / automatic / rotary / high-speed



  • Field:

    for electronic components

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, rotary, high-speed

  • Printing speed:

    Min.: 70 p/min

    Max.: 75 p/min


Automatic Rotary Marking Machine HGMK-1A
High-Speed Curved Surface Component Auto Marking (Printing) Dryer Equipment HGMK-1A is YU LI SHIH company replies to the requirement of high-speed auto production in the market, and applies the original technology of Auto Rotary Marking and accumulating with many years of experience of automation, release a high-speed curved surface component auto marking equipment successfully, it is suitable for the printing of curved surface components.

High-Speed Curved Surface Component Auto Marking (Printing) Dryer Equipment HGMK-1A has functions include auto feed-in line-arrangement, curved surface marking( a general marking, a highlight marking), Tunnel Stove Dryer Equipment, etc. It is suitable for the curved surface marking of electronic or non-electronic components..
. It is specially designed for the marking of products with surface which have square outside and round inside.
. The Machine mainly focuses at the marking of curved surface components (it is divided into general marking and highlight marking), the main design of platform is CAM, therefore, the machine can be kept stable in high speed.
. The detecting control is completed and the machine has high safety.
. The equipment can advance the marking quality and production speed of the components with curved surface effectively, same series of products could be programmed to 2 ~ 3 kinds of specifications of product (Module Design).
. The experience of market is rich; a tiny symbol could be printed out clearly. It has outstanding feature if comparing to the general marking machine.