electric rotary table / with stepper motor / horizontal / laboratory
X-RSB-E series



  • Operation:

    electric, with stepper motor

  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    laboratory, for turning

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, high-precision, high-performance, small, mechanical, automatic, rotating, linear, laser marking

  • Diameter:

    Max.: 120 mm (5 in)


Zaber's newly released X-RSB-E Series feature a 120 mm diameter table with a 50.8 mm (2 inch) aperture, and the ease of a built-in controller and motor encoder. With a compact footprint, low profile and load capability of 60 kg, these rotation stages are ideal to rapidly position light loads to within a fraction of a degree.

Like all of Zaber's X-Series products, the X-RSB-E is able to daisy-chain power and data with other X-Series devices, allowing several to share a power supply. The motor encoder provides slip/stall detection and recovery. Like all Zaber products, the X-RSB-E Series is designed for easy set up and operation. Externally controlled versions (RSB-E) and versions without an encoder (X-RSB) are also available.

With a maximum rotational speed of up to 300 rpm, these stages are ideal for rapid positioning of light loads. Two motor configurations (up or down) also allow for various mounting options. These stages are designed for use with any of our stepper motor controllers.


Continuous 360° rotation stage
Speeds up to 300 rpm
50.8 mm aperture
Multiple motor configurations
Encoder position feedback with slip/stall detection and automatic recovery