rotary table with stepper motor / horizontal / for turning / for metrology applications
X-RSM-E series



  • Operation:

    with stepper motor

  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    for turning, for metrology applications, laboratory

  • Other characteristics:

    rotating, compact, high-precision, high-speed, small, low-profile, worm gear

  • Diameter:

    Max.: 40 mm


At a total height of 21 mm, Zaber's X-RSM-E Series rotation stages are our most compact stepper and worm gear driven devices. These devices have 0.02° repeatability, an aperture of 4 mm, and a load capacity of 50 N. Self-aligning feet and mounting points make it easy to set up a multi-axis tilt or gimbal system using Zaber's X-GSM tilt devices or mounting brackets. Like all X-Series Zaber devices, the X-RSM-E have built-in controllers and are capable of daisy-chaining with other Zaber devices. The optional built-in encoders provide position feedback with slip/stall detection and automatic recovery.