linear actuator / lead screw / compact / guide
NA series



  • Movement:


  • Technology:

    lead screw

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, guide, for robots, for medical applications, test, industrial, for medical equipment, control, for mobile applications, for OEM, for process automation, motorized, precision, guided, miniature, single-axis, for integration, control, small-size, low-profile, 24-volt, aluminum

  • Stroke :

    Min.: 16 mm

    Max.: 60 mm

  • Force:

    Min.: 0 N

    Max.: 1,200 N

  • Speed:

    Min.: 0.000000447 m/s (0.000001467 ft/s)

    Max.: 0.08 m/s (0.262467192 ft/s)


The NA Series is a linear actuator that is electric in nature. It is manufactured by Zaber company. It has a 16, 30 and 60 mm travel with a threaded tip fitted for mounting options. It was patterned on the standard NEMA stepper motors, offer finer resolution, higher thrust, higher speed, and longer lifetime compared to our T-LA series of linear actuators. These actuators achieve resolutions down to 0.05 um, with a range of up to 60 mm. The controllers can be daisy chained with any other Zaber A-Series or T-Series products to a single serial or USB port.