frequency inverter / single-phase / three-phase / fan inverter
CT112 series



  • Electrical characteristics:

    frequency, single-phase, three-phase

  • Applications:

    fan inverter, for pumps, for solar applications

  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    700 W, 1,500 W, 3,700 W

  • Voltage:

    110 V, 220 V, 380 V, 660 V


CT112 0.7KW pumps and fans solar VFD frequency converters solar pumping inverter
Main Features
best Solution For Grid Unstable Area, can Extend System Running Time. PV And Mains Grid Are Complementary, and PvIs Priorily load Patterns Can Be Switched, drive 3 Phase Ac Pump Or Single Phase Electrica Appliances
IP65 Outdoor System, low Installation Cost
wide Operating Environment Temp. range And Max. can Reach 60℃
remote Communication Function, remote Monitoring, operating Status Control And Running Model Control
unattended Operation, low Maintain Cost

Solar pumping system is available for almost all applications where an electric pump can be used. Because solar energy varies from one location to another, and over the course of a day, system design is important. Adequate water storage ensures that water is available wherever needed, and baiances daily va riations in water suppfy and demand. Thus a small pump only running when the sun shines, plus water storage, can often provide all that is requiremed for water supply."
3.Garden Fountains
4.Home Supply
5.Large Scale Watering System for Commercial Establishments Solar
6. Water Treatment System