analog joystick / single-axis / Hall effect / multi-axis



  • Technology:

    analog, single-axis, Hall effect, multi-axis, 2-axis, potentiometer, switch, micro-switch

  • Applications:

    for remote control, for medical applications

  • Other characteristics:

    with buttons, USB, IP65, multifunction, CAN bus, thumbwheel, with rocker switch


Product Features
1. Potentiometer type sensor or hall sensors
2. Uniaxial or biaxial control
3. High strength control lever and the proportion of excellent control or switch output
4. Panel above protection grade IP65
5. Easy installation, flexible operation, uniform hand feeling, long service life, maintenance free.
This industrial joystick, mainly used in the rotary drilling rig, aerial fire truck , crane, shield machine, oil hoist hydraulic such as proportional control and frequency conversion motor control.