roller bearing / single-row / double-row / steel



  • Rolling element:


  • Configuration:

    single-row, double-row

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    with cage, self-aligning, high-performance, high-temperature, heavy-duty, small, large, heat-resistant

  • Applications:

    for rolling mills, transmission, for industry, for gearboxes, for agricultural applications, wheel, for excavators, for machinery, spindle, for railway applications, for vehicles, for machines, for elevators, for vibratory applications, for trucks

  • Inside diameter:

    Max.: 1,060 mm

    Min.: 25 mm

  • Outside diameter:

    Max.: 1,500 mm

    Min.: 52 mm

  • Width:

    Max.: 325 mm

    Min.: 18 mm


Spherical roller bearing is a rolling-element bearing that permits rotation with low friction, and permits angular misalignment. Typically these bearings support a rotating shaft in the bore of the inner ring that may be misaligned in respect to the outer ring. The misalignment is possible due to the spherical internal shape of the outer ring and spherical rollers. Despite what their name may imply, spherical roller bearings are not truly spherical in shape. The rolling elements of spherical roller bearings are mainly cylindrical in shape, but have a profile that makes them appear like cylinders that have been slightly over-inflated.
Double-row spherical roller bearing with central flange
Single-row spherical roller bearing (barrel bearing)
The internal design of the bearing is not standardized by ISO, so it varies between different manufacturers and different series. Some features that may or may not exist in different bearings are:
lubrication features in inner or outer ring
central flange
guide ring or center ring
integrated seals
External dimensions of spherical roller bearings are standardized by ISO in the standard ISO 15:1998. Some of the common series of spherical roller bearings are: 213, 222, 223, 230, 231, 232, 238, 239, 240, 241, 248, 249.
Spherical bearings are used in countless industrial applications:
wind turbines
continuous casting machines
material handling
mechanical fans and blowers
mining and construction equipment
pulp and paper processing equipment
marine propulsion and offshore drilling
off-road vehicles.

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