band saw / for aluminum / for non-ferrous materials / for graphite



  • Technology:


  • Treated material:

    for aluminum, for non-ferrous materials, for graphite

  • Applications:

    for aluminum plate

  • Other characteristics:

    CE, automatic, horizontal, CNC, with cooling system, trimming, precision, with motorized head, heavy-duty, traveling-head, servo-driven, crosscut, gantry type, thin-cutting


Horizontal CNC band saw WEIYE GZ4255T for aluminum bar cutting, either horizontal cuts or vertical cuts available, with features as follows:
Capacity:■550H*950W*X 21-2/3*37-2/5*X inch
Blade Speed: 200~1000m/min 656~3280 fpm
Blade Size: 54 * 1.6 mm 2*0.063inch
Main drive: 18.5KW 24HP

Special designed for aluminum bar cutting
Columns down feed system
Carbide grit band saw blade or bi-metal band saw blade for high speed cutting.
Main drive adopts helical gear box and variable frequency motor
Hydraulic band tighten device
Carbide pads and roller bearings for the saw guides, lifespan of blade extended
Turnable band guides with engine, high precision
Hydraulic vise sets for material clamping
Manual loading and placement of material to be cut
Work table with T-slot and optional extension part for material with small size
Five axes servo driven system with CNC unit, operation through operation panel
Servo feeder for saw frame moving up or down, position limit set up from the program
Servo feeder for saw frame moving forward or backward, position limit set up from the program
Variable spindle speed from the program and manual override switch
Feed rate control from the program and manual override switch
Beam light support material alignment for vertical cuts
Color lamp indicates the working state
Halogen lamp for the work area
Safety protection device
Safety cover check device
Band check device
Apron for band saw blade
Thermal overload protection unit
Preset dust suction outlet for chip collection
Power cabinet with dust protection measures
Extensible dust cover for engine and ball screw