abas PGI France

Who we are

With more than 30 years of experience building innovative ERP solutions for thousands of businesses worldwide, the people of abas deeply understand the constantly evolving requirements of mid-sized companies. While abas ERP is a powerful standardized platform straight out of the box, we designed it with flexibility in mind, not only allowing for a wide range of custom processes and reporting, but also enabling customers to upgrade without losing their customizations.

The software’s flexibility also means that abas ERP is well suited to a huge range of business domains, including niche industries that can’t easily be supported by more rigid systems. But what truly sets abas apart is that we stand with our customers throughout the entire implementation process, bringing our extensive business, financial and technical expertise directly to you and ensuring that the software fully supports your unique business processes. We continue that exceptional support year-round with training courses, a user community, opportunities to provide feedback to the development team, and outstanding technical support.

Our flexibility and attention to the details of our customers’ requirements, combined with a state-of-the-art software package help to set our customers up for future growth and success. Find out more about abas ERP on the web at www.abas-erp.com.

Our values

"People run business" is not a slogan, our whole company attache primary importance to human relations. abas take people at the heart of the process, thus giving it the rightful place.

The second value that we wish to convey is the change of the growth model. We want to show the way for businesses to sustainable development. To do this, we propose to prove that sustainable development is more cost effective and beneficial for the company, through relationships leading to long terms partnerships, engaging, based on mutual trust and benefit both sides.

 Our philosophy emphasizes the importance of win-win relationships because we see in our relationships still well beyond a single project or a commercial transaction.