Who we are

ACRN is specialized in packaging control either in the laboratory or in the production plant in the following fields of activity:

-Checking tightening torque or loosening torque of bottle caps

-Control of leaks and tightness of products

-Testing the resistance and sealing of the tubes.

-Control in tension or tearing and in compression.


ACRN studies, designs and manufactures materials for these different controls:

-A full range of electronic torque controllers

-Different simple or ergonomic clamping systems

-Vacuum leak testers of different dimensions: standard or on-demand

-All manual or electronic pumping and vacuum management systems

- Manual or electronic equipment controlling the resistance and the sealing of tubes

-A range of dynamometers and their manual or motorized stands.

ACRN studies and realizes its own torque sensors. All our equipment is calibrated in our laboratory connected to the French organization COFRAC.

ACRN carries out periodic calibrations of all these materials in the laboratory or on site.

Our values

Innovation & Progress:

Through its equipment and services, ACRN contributes to improving the quality of our customers. We are convinced that by innovating with new machines and new ideas, with the strong development of Industry 4.0, we will participate in the progress of all our customers.

Requirement & Quality:

We operate in high-quality sectors (pharmacy, agri-food, aviation industry) and we are at the same level of quality thanks to the application of quality procedures that have proved their worth.

Sustainable development :

It is integrated into all decision-making processes: Limit obsolescence by design, Reduction of waste, high after-sales service capacity, control of the carbon footprint, etc…

Responsibility towards the stakeholders: Involvement and training of the employees, respect of the customer, integration of the suppliers. We believe in the long-term relationships and we work there every day.

Our presence around the world