ADARO Tecnologia, S.A.

Who we are

ADALIT® products are designed and manufactured by Adaro Tecnología S.A., Spanish company founded in 1902.

Adaro produces intrinsically safe portable lighting equipment in its factory located in northern Spain, under the highest quality standards and using cutting-edge technology.

The company mission is to develop reliable products that improve the working conditions of professionals, making the tasks in the most extreme and dangerous environments to be carried out in maximum safety. More than 100 years of experience translates into long-lasting products with unique features and unmatched quality.

Made in Europe

The "Made in Europe" label goes beyond the location of the factory. The highest standards of quality and safety, a skilled team, rigorous quality control measures, demonstrate our commitment to develop functional, durable, and avant-garde lighting equipment.

Intrinsically Safe

With a wide range of ATEX/IECEx products, ADALIT® stands out for its large ZONE 0 GAS and ZONE 20 DUST fully certified flashlights, conceived to do their best in the most hazardous and demanding environments.

Innovative solutions

Safety is a paramount, but it is about efficiency too. If you can see properly, you can work better. ADALIT® products incorporate unique innovative solutions such as digital display, light sensor, step lighting system, extended battery life and smooth glare-free light, that translate into more secure productive operations.

Adaro incorporates the most advanced technology with the main challenge of designing, manufacturing, and marketing state-of-the-art products that provide specific solutions to highly specialized and discerning end-users. The constant search for maximum quality, innovation and excellence in service is the foundation on which all Adaro’s activity relies on, with the ultimate goal of utmost customer satisfaction.

ADALIT® guarantees its international presence through an extensive commercial network of distributors and agents in the 5 continents.

Our values

INTEGRITY: All activities carried out by people in the company shall be governed by their moral integrity and honesty. the company shall be governed by their moral integrity, uprightness and honesty in their in conduct and behaviour.

RESPONSIBILITY: We develop our work with diligence, seriousness and prudence, our processes are tried to do well from the beginning to the end and that only in this way true learning and profit is obtained from them.

HONESTY: We act with respect for good customs and moral principles.

The ultimate aim of these three values that are at the heart of our ideology will be:
-To provide the highest quality of service to our customers.
-To guarantee excellence in management and administration.
-To involve all our stakeholders in our values.
-To ensure that all of the company's operations are carried out under an ethical To ensure that all the company's operations are carried out in an ethical and responsible manner.
-To ensure compliance with the legislation in force in the broadest sense. Ensure compliance with current legislation in the broadest sense.
-To implement a real and effective culture of compliance.