Advanced Cyclone Systems (ACS)

Who we are

Advanced Cyclone Systems, S.A. (ACS) is a company exclusively dedicated to the development and commercialization of high efficiency cyclone systems, worldwide.The company works in a very close cooperation with its clients in order to design custom made cyclone systems that really solve their unmet needs. Apart from supplying cyclones, ACS has grown to be a turnkey project provider in any part of the world.

Applications Include
· Particulate Matter (PM) Emission Control in boilers, furnaces and dryers and general dedusting;
· Product (powder) Recovery in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.
Technologies Include
· Hurricane - Numerically optimized cyclones, considering particle agglomeration;
· ReCyclone MH - Optimized cyclones with mechanical recirculation
· ReCyclone EH Optimized cyclones with electrostatic recirculation *1.

Our values

Leading the conception and distribution of cyclone systems on a global level, contributing to a healthier environment and to the growth of client's competitiveness, maintaining high standards of service and quality with qualified and motivated human resources.

Maximizing particle capture with cyclones, freeing the client from the costs and problems of bag filters.

· Ambition and passion to reach high performance unique solutions, breaking with the status quo of the industry, exceeding customer expectations and striving to help ACS being the best cyclone company worldwide
· Openness, Sharing and Trust with all related agents, whether customers or suppliers, to help building strong and lasting value chains, with permanent reciprocal learning.
· Rigor and Organization aiming continuous improvement of organizational development and the level of its quality management system for products and processes that allow aspiring Excellency.
· Initiative and Determination in the systematic innovation of processes and systems as a basis for fast and also sustainable growth of the company.
· Spirit of Leadership and Responsibility of all ACS employees, because the contribution of each is critical to the success of the ACS.

Our presence around the world