Who we are

Founded in 1976, AE&T designs, manufactures and distributes safety equipment in hazardous environments safeguarding lives and property in different countries and in France. We have an exclusive range comprises of optical and acoustic alarms, evacuation sirens, ATEX equipment, industrial phones, torches and safety products for machines.

With a highly innovative product line and the will to provide quality service, AE&T has quickly established itself as an inevitable reference in the field of optical and sound warning equipment, evacuation systems and the protection of goods, property and people.

Our priority is to protect goods, property and people from different kind of incidents. That’s why we have a highly innovative product line and we provide a quality service to our costumers. AE&T has quickly established itself as an inevitable reference in the field of optical and sound warning equipment, evacuation systems.

The experience and the know-how acquired over the years allowed us to convince and retain more than 13,000 loyal customers and carry out large national and international projects for safety signalling and evacuation sites.

Our R&D DEPARTMENT can develop customized solutions for specifics or complex specifications.

A continuous progress approach AE&T is committed to providing products and solutions with the key approvals required by our customers so we have different standars and certifications. Starting with ISO 9001 for design and manufacture we can offer products with ATEX certification for hazardous areas and MED approval for marine fire applications.

To follow the innovation, our R&D Department has create the TCP/IP ® alert network which is a secure alert network. It’s redundant and available on all communication medias so our customers can control the network from different communication mediums like Smartphone, computers or even tablets.

The Machine To Machine system has shown remarkable progress in this area. It’s a challenge that our employees are more than capable of handling in the world of connected objects.

Our values

For AE&T employees, the most important values are listening, advice, personalisation and proximity.

That’s why our costumers can contact us and find no one but 30 different people to help them in there project. They will be in contact with some employees who can come to them to try products, they can also find people who can help them at distance to give technical advice and give you some idea of personal solutions.

Our day-to-day approach is based on excellence and respect for everyone: partners, installers and customers.