Who we are

For over thirty years our passion is the air, in all its forms. In this long time we have experienced, learned, innovated and expanded our horizons, working to distinguish ourselves and always offering high quality products.

We have always been clear that sensitivity to workplace environmental conditions would be expected to grow. This is why, even today, our goal is to create systems and instruments to ensure compliance with the rules on safety at work and protecting people's health.

Our products are all made in Italy and can greatly increase the quality of the working environment, ensuring maximum compliance with the law: a positive solution for the company and its employees.

Advice is our strength. Not only we build systems, solutions and equipment for air treatment in industrial environments, but we provide our expertise to design the system according to the needs of the structure that houses it.

This approach allows us to offer the most customized solutions and efficient as possible in order to achieve maximum output in terms of efficiency and energy savings, ensuring total quality of Made in Italy production.

We work for a safer work environment: it is important to keep clean the working environment and to fully protect the safety of workers. For this reason we design systems and installations for the extraction of exhaust gases, air purification and the coverage of the pits. Our products always guarantee maximum functionality and effectiveness, essential for the health and for energy saving.

Our values


Every day we are driven by these keywords. For us, quality is a broad concept that includes not only the intrinsic value of products we offer, but also the ability to always recommend the right solution.

We strongly believe in listening and constant assistance in all phases of the collaboration with our customers, supported by products with a high rate of innovation achieved through continuous investment in Research & Development.


The Aerequipments products are the result of a research and technological development oriented to energy saving and environmental protection.