Who we are

Active since 1976, our company has a long experience in the field of ventilation, filtration, extraction and purification of air in industrial contexts.

The primary objective of AirbravoTM (with Airbravo and Airbox brand) has always been the design and manufacturing of solutions to reduce the impact of pollutants produced from industrial manufacturing , on the health of workers and the surrounding environment, in compliance with the regulations in force.

To meet the needs of the market, workers and the environment, AirbravoTM since 1976, has invested in the development and production of systems for localized capturing of pollutants and capable of extracting at the source gases, vapours, dusts and mists avoiding the dispersion of harmful and/or toxic substances in the work environment and in the atmosphere.

Every device or appliance of AirbravoTM, from extraction arms to machines for air extraction and filtration up to downdraft tables, has been conceived, designed and manufactured for a localized collection at the source of harmful substances (fumes, dusts and particulates , vapours, gases, mists) originating from industrial processes, providing an effective and practical solution against occupational diseases and against the dispersion into the atmosphere of polluting substances.

In over 40 years of experience our devices and appliances have changed and evolved according to the needs of the industrial sector, managing to meet the increasingly diverse and complex needs of our customers, often through the customised creation of extraction arms, filtering machines or other equipment for suction, filtration and industrial ventilation.

Our values

Our goals and those of our products:

Preserve the health of employees who work within industries and laboratories, thanks to the localized collection of pollutants

Reduce the emissions of pollutants at the workplace and in the atmosphere thanks to machines, equipment and filters for the extraction and filtration of gases, vapours, fumes, dust, mists

Allow companies to meet the current standards with plants and systems of filtration and efficient industrial extraction

Make products that satisfy the customer, make more efficient the work environment and resolve complex problems in the field of extraction, filtration and industrial ventilation.

Our services:

Technical-commercial support aimed at identifying, designing and producing solutions tailored to each type of application

After-sales service to provide all the necessary support, ranging from the supply of spare parts to the solution of technical problems

Our products:

Extraction arms for the collection at the source of industrial pollutants

Filtering machines, air purifiers and dust collectors to extract and filter pollutants

Downdraft tables

Special products (such as wheeled extractors, a line of extractors dedicated to exhaust gases and specific blowing underframe systems for the maintenance of trains).