AirControl Industrial S.L.

Who we are

AirControl Industrial S.L., specialized in manufacturing cylinders, panels and cabinets, is known for its high technological capabilities and strong customer orientation.


- AirControl Industrial was founded in 1962 as a manufacturer of cylinders, pneumatic panels and cabinets.

- We are located in the Basque Country, a region with great industrial tradition, especially metallurgical, and known for its high technological capacity.

- Since our inception, we are appreciated in the sector by the robustness and durability of our products.

- We are leaders in heavy duty industry, particularly in the iron and steel sector.

- We are a UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 certified company.


- We think with our clients, offering both technical and cost saving alternatives.

- We have the complete control of the designing and manufacturing processes.

- We are brand independent, which allows us to take our own decisions and gives us more flexibility.

- We are proactive in obtaining the highest efficiency in each project.

- We use only high quality components and submit our suppliers to strict quality controls.

- We are flexible in problem solving.

- We are agile in communication.

- We work in project groups, for which all involved persons across the supply chain are informed at any time.

- We care for a safe arrival: wooden cases are used as standard packaging.

- We tie our success as a business directly with the success of our clients

Our values

Quality: Execute efficiently all functions and business processes

Focus on needs of our customers: Incorporate the voice of the customer in all processes of our company, offering customised attention and quick response, constantly looking for his satisfaction. Empathy with the client.

Add value: Understand what gives value to our customers and focus on providing that value in everything we do.

Teamwork: Each person will contribute fully to the activities and tasks of the team, agreeing goals and guidelines of common actions

Continuous learning: personal commitment to the continous development of skills and knowledge, aiming the achievement of the goals of the company, seeking professional and personal satisfaction attitudes. Daily work as a learning opportunity.

Adaptability to change: React or respond to the changing environment, acting with flexibility and supporting the adapting processes of the company. Anticipation.