Algodue Elettronica

Who we are

Algodue Elettronica is an Italian company highly specialized in designing and implementing solutions for analysis and monitoring of power quality in industrial, service and residential applications.

Our strengths are flexibility and the ability to provide tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Our products are divided into four categories :

Single and three-phase energy meters for the measurement and control of consumption, specialized in the installation sector, with MID certification, available with or without the relevant communication modules RS485 ASCII models and MODBUS RTU , M - BUS , ETHERNET MODBUS TCP with embedded web server and KNX

Power meters for industrial energy control, DIN rail or panel mounting (96x96mm or 144x144mm)

Modular devices for high-end performances and for analysis of power quality

Rogowski coils for current measurement delivered in combination with signal integrators or panel meters or power analyzers, or delivered as a single item.

Our values

Strengthen and consolidate our brand with strong commercial partners.

Vision: together towards the future
Make live and breath the idea that everything is possible
Always give our best
Have fun while we reach our targets